Wildlife, Ecosystems & Landscape Dynamics

Student Projects 2016+

  • Fauna habitat use and disturbance:
    • Impacts of vehicle collisions on roadsides
      • Bird use of roadside carrion/birds and distance to roads.
      • Exploring the links between habitat, other animals and other predictors on collision risk.
    • Influence of forest management (practices) on wildlife (e.g., logging and removal of woody debris).
    • Frequency of use of woody debris by wildlife (using camera traps and direct sampling).
  • Demographics and population dynamics of echidnas – conservation management, response to global change (e.g., climate extremes), relationship to distribution and abundance.
  • Meta-models of habitat change and distribution of animals in Tasmanian forests during the 21st
  • Role of technological decoupling in determining human drivers of land-use change (and its biodiversity impacts).
  • Impacts of climate, agricultural practices and urbanisation on species abundance, distributions and community composition.
  • Sensitivity of biodiversity to alternative pathways of habitat loss and fragmentation.

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