Forests, Trees & Agroforestry (Nature)

Student Projects 2016+

  • What makes the cool temperate forests of New Zealand different to Australian analogues?
  • Using ‘patterns’ to understand processes shaping the structure and dynamics of tall forests (Tas, Vic, WA, NSW & QLD):
    • What is the functional role of Dicksonia (tree ferns) and how do they influence forest structure?
    • What is the interplay between canopy and understory trees (use of canopy photos from across Australia)?
    • Is the additive basal area phenomenon (multiple forest ‘layers’) true in Australian forests?
    • Are eucalypts functionally analogous across Australia? Does species identity matter?
  • Turnover and population dynamics in forest ecosystems (including both plant and animal communities):
    • Nurse logs and light (What are the rates of germination of different forest species [e.g., eucalypts, Nothofagus] on coarse-woody debris? Do forest trees grow better on their own fallen logs?
    • Decay of woody debris on the forest. Potential for glasshouse experiments mixed with field trials).
    • Spatial structuring and change in forest ecosystems.
  • Using mobile technology to improve ecology and restoration
  • Impacts of climate and land-use change (agriculture, forestry, energy development) on forest biodiversity and conservation

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