Evolutionary Ecology

Student Projects 2016+

  • Biology of extinction:
    • Predictors and eco-evolutionary drivers of threat risk.
    • Generalised correlates of extinction risk and susceptibility to human threats – a multi-dimensional model and test using population viability analysis.
  • Coupled niche-population models of the extinct Australian megafauna
  • Testing ideas on the causes and consequences of paleoecological change in Australia (both plants and animals)
  • Drivers of ecological transformation of Australia during the Holocene intensification
  • How has the environment changed over time (past versus present climate)? Analysis of an Australia-wide Quaternary fossil database, and its implications for conservation.
  • Are tall trees actually threatened? Eco-evolutionary feedbacks and life-history traits.
  • Gondwanan forests: why do relics persist in a modern landscape, and will they survive anthropogenic climate change?

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