Projects and Opportunities

Inferring deep ecological and evolutionary processes from observable patterns

Research Environment

The DEEP group covers three core research themes in the School of Biological Sciences, at the University of Tasmania, spanning a range of projects on population, community and ecosystem ecology, evolutionary biology, and global change. These themes are:

Wildlife, Ecosystems & Landscape Dynamics

Forests, Trees & Agroforestry

Evolutionary Ecology


Current Research Opportunities and Projects

The student projects in the Dynamics of Eco-Evolutionary Patterns (D.E.E.P.) group cover a diversity of topics, from the relatively fundamental through to applied or conservation outcomes. We seek to equip our research students with a strong understanding of the concepts and issues relevant to ecology, evolution and global change biology, and the technical competence to make best use of a wide range of tools, methodologies and approaches to eco-evolutionary science (both in the field and at the desktop).

Some examples of projects (more are listed in the themes’ sub-pages):

If you are interested in studying with DEEP, please make a time to come and discuss the details with us. Or if you don’t have a good idea about what you might like to do, then come in anyway, and we can explore a variety of options! See here for contact details.